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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Known persons

Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Known persons

Summary of known persons named Bosschaert(s) / Bosschaart or Persyn

With a link to their biographies in the Dutch or English language.
Jan Bosschaert

Jan Bosschaert (1957),
allround-artist: cartoonist and graphic artist
(oil paint, acryl and alkyd)

Renaat Bosschaert
Renaat Bosschaert (1938),
artist and painter from Bruges
dirk bosschaert
Dirk Bosschaert (1970),
visionary artist (oil paint, acryl and alkyd)
greet bosschaert
Greet Bosschaert (1964),
illustrator of child books
dirk bosschaert
Dirk Bosschaert (1958)
actor in tv-series (eg. Studio 100),
plays also on stage
Bernard Bosschaert (1933),
artist from Bruges
kristiaan bosschaerts
Kristiaan Bosschaerts (1971)
plays contra-bass at "The Internationals";
an international ska-band.
pascal bosschaart
Pascal Bosschaart (1980),
pro-football player in Feyenoord team, NL
philip bosschaerts
Philip Bosschaerts (1979)
leadsinger in "Mintzkov Luna" now "Mintzkov";
a Belgian rockband
arjan bosschaert
Arjan Bosschaart (1971),
ex pro-football player in NL (FC Zwolle)
alison bosschaert

Alison Bosschaert (1961)
international actress (theatre, drama)
also in tv-series and films

Jules Persyn
Jules Persyn (1878-1933),
writer, also called the "literary teacher
of the catholic intellectuals"
tess goossens
Tess Goossens (1981),
presenter and showmaster at VTM (Belgian tv),
before a singer
DOM Constantinus Bosschaerts
DOM Constantinus Bosschaerts
(1889-1950), founder of the pro-catholic
"Vita & Pax" movement
Tom Bosschaert (1979),
photographer at own company Except -
experimenting with 3D visualisations
leonard bosschart
Leonard Bosschart (1888-1951),
director of the Cockerill yard in Belgium,
played football in Olympic team (1920)

Boudewijn Bosschaerts (1960),
7nd male-child who was married with a
7nd female-child

eugene bosschaerts
Eugène Bosschaerts (1901-1965),
Flemish writer of novels and autobio's

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