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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Documents

Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Documents

Social Networking - Social e-Search for genealogical research

Already since the 90s I have frequently contacted people by phone or email in order to obtain additional info for our genealogical research. I was able to link most of the relatives in the genealogy.

Nowadays several relatives have also found social networking, and it’s a great and usefull source to find new Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) relatives worldwide.


A great new tool is sorry WAS, because it already vanished LOL:

the people search engine is a Dutch website that offers a service to measure your WOW factor by counting how many friends you have at social networking, and it also searches on the internet for personal info.
For the moment it checks Hyves, Twitter, LinkedIn, Schoolbank, Facebook, Myspace, Xing, Blogger, Digg, Ning and you can manually add like others like: Netlog, Friendfeed etc.
Also at your Google profiles, Yahoo! Profiles, Typepad etc.
Also at search robots like; Google,, Yahoo!, Bing, Telephoneguide of the Netherlands, Nieuws, Blogs
And photos/audio & video at: TVBlik, Flickr & YouTube ;
and finally also related persons info facts, tags, phone numbers, email addresses & documents.

For the moment, of course thanks to your cooperation, I have reached a WieoWie factor of above 10.000:

WieoWie Bosschaerts
My Linked Social Networks are at Jan. 2011:

Hyves 53 friends;
Facebook 187 friends;
Twitter 62 followers
LinkedIn +500 connections  (mostly professional);
MySpace 2 friends;
Netlog 14 friends;
Friendfeed 0 friends &
several links.


My Social Network coordinates & connections:
Facebook1 Facebook2  
LinkedIn Xing
Twitter Myspace
Netlog FriendFeed
Ecademy WindowsLive1WindowsLive2WindowsLive3

Several relatives also joined more than one social network, or have more than one account.

Via Social networking I was able to find more relatives of the Brazilian branch of Bosschart, The "San Francisco" branch of Bosschaart / Bosschart, new descendants Bosschaert/Bosschaart in the Netherlands, etc.

And the social networking remains growing and growing !

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