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Webpage of Bosschart in San Francisco, US
Webpage about 3 generations of Bosschart in, San Francisco logo


131 Russ St
San Francisco
CA 94103 US

Tel: +1 415 861 2680
Fax: +1 571 434 4620

The history of this company spans over a century. It all started on Broadway in a young city named San Francisco. The following time line provides a glimpse into the historic creation of the comprehensive ESCO product offering and details the beginnings of what is now a fourth generation business.

1900- W.A. England and H.D. Skellinger founded the Eng-Skell Co., deriving the name from the first syllables of the names of the partners. The early manufacturing of the company was confined to a few items. In their first years they made flavoring extracts for the bakery and bottling trades and specialties such as ginner brandy and orange bitters for the bar trade.
1905- The Eng-Skell Company was incorporated and relocated to Fremont Street which allowed greater access to the fruit markets and shipping docks. The fountain fruit line was expanded to include strawberries, pineapple and bananas.

1906- The Great San Francisco fire and earthquake destroyed several large areas of the city including the plant. Although the insurance company went bankrupt and could not pay on the policy, the safe containing the formulae, seal and ledger was salvaged. This allowed the business to be re-established in August and in October the Company moved to its new location on Valencia Street.

Daniel Bosschart, who had joined the firm as a salesman the year prior, purchased Skellingers interest in the company for one dollar down and one dollar a week. In time Daniel Bosschart would eventually become President and own 100% of Eng-Skell Company.

Genealogy is my hobby: tracing ancestors with the familyname Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) worldwide.
I obtained some loose end and additional info from Anthony Bosschaert about this family. With the information in the US Federal Census I was able to link all the Bosschart in San Francisco and its neigbourhood. And after several years of emailing, phoning and writing by my aunt Christiane Garcia and me, we were are to link all the persons of this branch.
Finally Aimee Bosschart, grandgranddaughter of Daniel, provided us with the required information about the parents of Daniel Bosschart and so we were able to link with their ancestors in the Netherlands.

Hereby a partial genealogy:

I Pieter BOSSCHAART, born in 1847, in Oost- & West Souburg in the Netherlands.
Pieter married with Adriana MIDAVAINE (born in 1851 in Ritthem in the Netherlands), mentioned as Jane Bosschart.

In 1880 the family migrated for the Netherlands in Europe to San Francisco in 1880.
The 1890 San Francisco City Directory lists Jane Bosschart as: widow living at 1117 Bryant St.
The 1910 United States Federal Census mentions that she lived is 729A, San Jose Avenue:
Bosschart, Jane, Head, F, W, age 59, widow, born 5 children 2 still living, born Hol -Dutch; both parents born Hol - Dutch, speaks English,
occupation None, not able to read, not able to write, rents, house, not a farm.

According to the 1920 US Federal Census of California, San Francisco Ass.
Sshe lived in 117 Guerrero Street: Bosschart, Jane, Roomer, F, W, age 68, Widow,
immigrated in 1880, naturalized citizen, able to read, not able to write,
born Holland, mother tongue - Dutch, both parents born Holland, mother tongue is Dutch,
able to speak English. Enumerated with the family of Stephen and Laura Luck.

II Daniel BOSSCHART, proprietor, commercial traveller, president of Eng Skell Cpy,
    born in California on October 20, 1884, living in San Mateo, died in Santa Clara on October 10, 1971,
    son of Pieter BOSSCHAART and Adriana MIDAVAINE.
    Daniel was married to Viola MANUELL, born on January 30, 1889, died on July 19, 1952,
    daughter of William Hugh and Josephine Gertrude CATRON.
    From this marriage:
        1 William Daniel BOSSCHART, born in San Francisco on March 4, 1915, follows III-a.
        2 Viola Jane BOSSCHART, born in San Francisco on February 28, 1917, follows III-b.

III-a William Daniel BOSSCHART, president of Eng Skell Cpy, born in San Francisco
    on March 4, 1915, living in Hillsborough, died on May 22, 2006,  son of Daniel (II) and Viola MANUELL.
    William was married to Mary-Stuart MOTHERWELL, born on August 24, 1916, died on February 17, 1996,
    daughter of Robert MOTHERWELL and Margaret HOGAN.
    From this marriage:
       1 Lance BOSSCHART, follows IV-a
       2 Christiane BOSSCHART, follows IV-b
       3 Marc BOSSCHART, follows IV-c.
       4 Catherine BOSSCHART, born in San Francisco on May 18, 1947, died on August 27, 1951.

IV-a Lance BOSSCHART, son of William Daniel BOSSCHART (III-a) and Mary-Stuart MOTHERWELL.
    Lance was married to Jeanne KLOSE.
    From this marriage:
       1 Gretchen BOSSCHART, follows V.
       2 Pieter BOSSCHART.
       3 Robert BOSSCHART.

V Gretchen BOSSCHART, daughter of Lance BOSSCHART (IV-a) & Jeanne KLOSE.
      Gretchen is an associate attorney. She has been an associate with SuttleLaw since 1997, and specializes
      in estate planning,  trust administration, and taxation.
      Prior she was an Associate Attorney with the firm of Whiting, Fallon & Ross,  specializing in family law.
      Also, Ms. Barber worked as a Family Support Bureau Investigator with the San Francisco District
      Attorney’s Office.

      Ms. Barber is a member of the San Francisco Bar Association Probate and Trust Law Section,
      the State Bar of California Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Section & S.F. Area Women TaxLawyers.

     Gretchen earned her Bachelor at the Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California, Berkeley in 1995.
  Gretchen is married to Michael D. BARBER.
     Michael is an Accounting Management Consultant and Burlingame School Board Trustee.
     Michael Barber was elected to the Burlingame School District Board of Trustees in November, 1999.
     He has worked on a variety of school district committees since his election and has served in all board
     positions.  Michael is a certified public accountant working as the Accounting Operations Manager for
     Stanford Hospital and Clinics in Palo Alto. He grew up in the Bay Area and in Victoria, BC Canada.
     He served in the US Army as an artillery officer for 6 years after graduating from UC Berkeley.

    If he is not at work or at a school board function, he is probably at home with his twin daughters teaching
     them to read and to garden, two of his favorite activities.
  From this marriage:
      1 Clara BARBER
      2 Margaret BARBER; twins.

IV-b Christiane BOSSCHART, daughter of William Daniel (III-a) and Mary-Stuart MOTHERWELL.
   Christiane was married to Lance KUYKENDALL.
   From this marriage:
     1 Megan KUYKENDALL
     2 Shannon KUYKENDALL
     3 Kristen KUYKENDAL

IV-c Marc BOSSCHART, son of William Daniel BOSSCHART (III-a) and Mary-Stuart MOTHERWELL.
     Marc is now the president of Esco Foods Inc. It's the new name of his grandfathers company.
     Esco Foods develops and manufactures flavouring extracts and flavouring syrups,  
     part of the business of fountain food products and sausages.

  Marc is married to Michele SINES.
     Michele is the president of the San Mateo Arboretum Society; a botanical and zoological garden.
  From this marriage:
    1 Mathieu BOSSCHART, reverant.
      Mathieu was the Rector of Saint Martin of Tours (Anglican Province of Christ the King),
    2 Brian BOSSCHART, real estate agent.
        Brian started his career by creating and launching a successful local e-commerce internet business
        that continues to serve both domestic and international clients.
        First entering into California Real Estate through private investment, Brian discovered the importance
        of technology in the search and acquisition of real property. As a Realtor®, he has raised the bar with
       innovative internet practices and dedicated customer service.
       “We are living in the information age. I embrace the shift in technology and the wide reach of the
        internet as it applies to the sale or purchase of Real Estate. Everyone wins with access to relevant and
        specific market conditions.”

       Brian is a California licensed real estate agent and is active in various local school and civic
       Brian is also a member of the National Association of Realtors, the California Associatioof Realtors,
       San Francisco Association of Realtors & San Francisco Bay Area Multiple Listing Service.
       Brian earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from University of the Pacific.
       Brian owns now redirected to  
       “kw” stands for Keller Williams Realty.
    3 Aimée Michele BOSSCHART.

II-b Viola Jane BOSSCHART, born in San Francisco [CA, USA] on February 28, 1917,
      daughter of Daniel BOSSCHART (II) and Viola MANNELL.
    Viola was married to Charles Frederick COSS, born in California on July 8, 1911,
     died in San Francisco on April 1, 1987, son of Fred Edward COSS and Louella GLENDENNING.
    From this marriage:
      1 Tracey COSS
      2 Peter BOSSCHART COSS
      3 Elisabeth COSS

The complete genealogy of the San Francisco Bosschart branch can be found here.

Further info about EngSkell / EscoFoods :

1907- The soda fountain was just beginning to become popular. Recognizing the future possibilities, the company entered into the manufacture of crushed fruits, toppings and fountain syrups for this particular trade, and quickly stepped into leadership in this field on the Pacific Coast.

1912- The Company added soda fountains and equipment to their line, and in the years following were distributors for two of the largest manufacturers of fountains in the United States.

1922- The Los Angeles Branch was opened and functioned as the Southern California sales, display, warehousing, office and shipping center.

EngSkell Company - Ford T truck of 1923

Eng Skell Company1930- The company built a dramatic three-story Art Deco building in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Architect A.C. Griewank designed the versatile 100,000 square foot site to include a laboratory, manufacturing plant, warehouse and office space. A Research Department was maintained which employed a staff of trained chemists. The new facility allowed for the continuous development of new products for the soda fountain, confectionery, ice cream and bakery trades, and solidified Eng-Skells position as the industry leader.

1930- The Great Depression reduced company sales by 40%. While most companies closed permanently, Eng-Skell established a partnership with the Bank that would allow continued operations. The note was paid within seven years.

1934- Daniel Bosschart acquired the M. Getz Company (Monogram Brand) to better position the company within the newly formed bakery division. During the same year, the Los Angeles branch added a complete line of soda fountains, ice cream cabinets, freezers and store fixtures.

1941- During the war period, business with the armed forces increased tremendously. Considerable merchandise and fixtures were shipped overseas to practically every Army and Navy Base in the Pacific war area.

1957- As a result of President Bosscharts “Vanilla Drive”, Vanilla Extract sales doubled in four years to over 4500 gallons per year.

EscoFoods - Vanilla Drive

1966- Total sales are over $10,000,000 with branches in Phoenix, Sacramento, Colton, Eureka, San Jose, Fresno and Reno.

1971- Esco Foods becomes the first company to successfully package hot items and syrups into paper cartons.

Esco Foods - natural extracts

1985- Esco Foods Inc., becomes the primary business entity which produces and manages the entire product catalogue.

Esco Foods - 100 % pure Oil

1991- The company developes a co-packing service which enable private labeling programs in the Western United States.

Esco Foods - flavours

2004- is launched, creating the first ever retail channel of Esco branded products offered directly to the consumer.

Esco Foods - flavours

EscoFoods welcome text

EscoFoods anim

This Bosscha(a)rt family migrated in 1880 from the Netherlands to US.
They settled in San Francisco and merged into the local business.

Now 3 generations have managed Esco Foods, latter named Eng Skell company.

Other relatives reached upper class jobs as well.

Today 6 generations of Bosschart live(d) in the neigbourhood of San Francisco. : Webpage of Escofoods, managed by the Bosschart family

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