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Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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Ritthem [ZE, NL]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARENTSEN, Jan  Est Abt 1828Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23364
2 BARENTSEN, Jan  1888Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24368
3 BARENTSEN, Pieter  1862Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23366
4 BERTIJN, Elisabeth  1791Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23777
5 BERTIJN, Jan  1764Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23775
6 BOSSCHAART, Abraham  1827Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11903
7 BOSSCHAART, Abraham  1831Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11905
8 BOSSCHAART, Adriana  1823Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11901
9 BOSSCHAART, Elisabeth  1825Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11902
10 BOSSCHAART, Jan  1807Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23871
11 BOSSCHAART, Johanna  1809Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23872
12 BOSSCHAART, Maria Magdalena  1822Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11900
13 BOSSCHAART, Neeltje  1829Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11904
14 BOSSCHAART, Pieternella  1806Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23870
15 BOSSCHAART, Willem  1820Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11899
16 BOSSCHAART, Willem  1833Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11906
17 CEVAAL, Pieternella  1836Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23365
18 de PAGTER, Maria   I23223
19 DELLEBEKE, Cornelia  1868Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23376
20 DELLEBEKE, Gillis  1870Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27321
21 DELLEBEKE, Izaak  1862Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27316
22 DELLEBEKE, Jan  1866Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27320
23 DELLEBEKE, Krijn  1865Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27319
24 DELLEBEKE, Lourina  1856Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23375
25 DELLEBEKE, Marinus  1864Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27317
26 DELLEBEKE, Pieter  1858Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27318
27 DELLEBEKE, Suzan  1879Ritthem [ZE, NL] I27323
28 DINGEMANSE, Catharina  1888Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23957
29 FLORISSE, Adriaan Mattheus  1870Ritthem [ZE, NL] I860
30 FLORUSSE, Willeboord  1816Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23563
31 FLORUSSE, Willeboord  1844Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23556
32 GELJON, Jan  1811Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23571
33 JOZIASSE, David  1903Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23633
34 KOOLE, Susanne  Abt 1730Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11778
35 KOPPEJAN, Cornelia  1852Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23770
36 KOPPEJAN, Cornelis  1795Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24505
37 KOPPEJAN, Johanna  1833Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12634
38 KOPPEJAN, Leuntje  1823Ritthem [ZE, NL] I29852
39 KOPPEJAN, Maatje  1819Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23564
40 KOPPEJAN, Margrieta  1832Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23969
41 KOPPEJAN, Pieter  1812Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23772
42 KOPPEJAN, Pieternella Maria  1876Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23645
43 LOUWERSE, Willem  Est Abt 1883Ritthem [ZE, NL] I20552
44 MIDAVAINE, Adriana  1851Ritthem [ZE, NL] I20421
45 ROELSE, Pieter  Est Abt 1869Ritthem [ZE, NL] I20719
46 ROOSE, Cornelia Frederika  1867Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24349
47 ROOSE, Johanna  1860Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24347
48 SCHOUT, Catharina  1846Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24326
49 SCHOUT, Elisabeth  1845Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24325
50 SCHOUT, Johannes  1842Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24324

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Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BERTIJN, Elisabeth  1791Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23777
2 BERTIJN, Jan  1764Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23775
3 BOSSCHAART, Adriaan  1725Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12007
4 BOSSCHAART, Adriaan  1728Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12008
5 BOSSCHAART, Adriaantje  1749Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11859
6 BOSSCHAART, Jacomijntje  1717Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12004
7 BOSSCHAART, Jacomijntje  1720Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12006
8 BOSSCHAART, Jacomijntje  1744Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12016
9 BOSSCHAART, Jacomijntje  1745Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12017
10 BOSSCHAART, Jannes  1740Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12013
11 BOSSCHAART, Jannis  1718Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12005
12 BOSSCHAART, Johanna  1809Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23872
13 BOSSCHAART, Johannes  1743Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12015
14 BOSSCHAART, Neeltje  1738Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12011
15 BOSSCHAART, Philippus  1804Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23848
16 BOSSCHAART, Pieter  1721Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11857
17 BOSSCHAART, Pieter  1741Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12014
18 BOSSCHAART, Tannetje  1756Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11863


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BERTIJN, Jan  1812Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23775
2 BOSSCHAART, Abraham  1827Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11903
3 BOSSCHAART, Abraham  1831Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11905
4 BOSSCHAART, Adriaan  1724Ritthem [ZE, NL] I12001
5 BOSSCHAART, Adriana  1823Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11901
6 BOSSCHAART, Elisabeth  1821Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11926
7 BOSSCHAART, Elisabeth  1825Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11902
8 BOSSCHAART, Pieternella  1892Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23860
9 BOSSCHAART, Tannetje  1914Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24313
10 BOSSCHAART, Willem  1822Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11899
11 CEVAAL, Pieternella  1923Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23365
12 DAANE, Neeltje  1870Ritthem [ZE, NL] I11919
13 DELLEBEKE, Lourina  1886Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23375
14 JOBSE, Willemina  1872Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24506
15 KESTELOO, Adriana  Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23773
16 KOPPEJAN, Cornelis  1864Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24505
17 KOPPEJAN, Pieter  Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23772
18 MESSIE, Maria Sanderina  1812Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23776
19 ROOSE, Gilles  1915Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23379
20 SCHOUT, Catharina  1929Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24326
21 SCHOUT, Christiaan Wisse  1850Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24321
22 SCHOUT, Elisabeth  1876Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24325
23 SCHOUT, Johannes  1925Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24324
24 SCHOUT, Levinus  1897Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24323
25 SCHOUT, Maria  1844Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24322
26 SCHOUT, Marinus  1851Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24329
27 SCHOUT, Pieternella  1851Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24330
28 SCHOUT, Willem  1849Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24328
29 STURM, Catharina  1916Ritthem [ZE, NL] I24511
30 UIJTERSCHOUT, Neeltje  1879Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23374
31 VILÉ, Cornelia  1878Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23721


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LA BARE, Adriana  1810Ritthem [ZE, NL] I23869


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARENTSEN / CEVAAL  1857Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8328
2 BOSSCHAART / DELLEBEKE  1903Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8651
3 BOSSCHAART / LA BARE  1805Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8493
5 BOSSCHAART / van MAARELEN  1885Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8511
6 DELLEBEKE / UIJTERSCHOUT  1854Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8331
7 JOZIASSE / KOPPEJAN  1900Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8424
8 LOUWS / de PAGTER   F8274
9 TANGE / DELLEBEKE  1877Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8465
10 TANGE / KOPPEJAN  Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8466
11 TANGE / van MAARELEN  1915Ritthem [ZE, NL] F8468
12 TAVENIER / BOSSCHAART  1810Ritthem [ZE, NL] F4211
13 TAVENIER / KOOLE  Abt 1760Ritthem [ZE, NL] F3971