Bosschaerts-Persyn Genealogical Research
Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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My name is Rudi Bosschaerts, born on June 9, 1967 in Mortsel near Antwerp and living in Belgium. I got a Bosschaerts family tree from my grandfather and started my genealogical research in the '80s.

I met Tom Bosschaert from Laren [NL] in the 90s. In Dec. 1993 4 'genealogos' joined their research in a genealogical reference book about the names Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) called "Zoons & Dochters" ('Sons & Daughters') with almost 10.000 persons. For that occasion a family reunion was organised in Sept. 1994 with 160 persons.

I remained searching actively and found very much new information and additions, so I decided to publish our research on a genealogical site. My cousin Miguel Garcia-Bosschaerts gave me the domainname

The purpose of "Genealogical Research Bosschaerts-Persyn" is to publish our research in order to find relatives wordwide and obtain additional information and corrections.

Genealogical research is one of my hobbies. I consider this page as a tribute to our ancestors. A pedigree is never complete: time and patience are important parameters.

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A summary of background info not linked with TNG :


Our database was last updated on 15 Aug 2017. It contains details of 35,310 individual people, including 7,311 unique surnames making up 12,303 families!
It contains 2191 photos and 2267 media.
Latest News

22 May 2016 - Updated to TNG v.11 and choosen template 6.

09 Jun 2016 - My additional pages added and setup of the mainpage finished.

14 Aug 2016 - 2000 photos online !

Bosschaert Coat of Arms
Bosschaert - Antwerp
Coat of Arms


Search Surnames - is a worldwide research of mainly Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) and relatives. Your ancestor might already be included ! Good luck while searching.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about the info on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hear from you.

A picture or a story is more vivid than summarizing all the dates and places of our ancestors. Therefor: We remain very interested in your photos of your family and ancestors to enlarge our collection ! And ofcourse any additional information or corrections remain very welcome via this link.

We need your help or advise in order to complete our research. Thank you for visiting our page !

Feel free to read or sign our our New GUESTBOOK.