Bosscha(a/e)rt(s) Genealogical Research
Genealogy of surnames Bosschaert(s) Bosscha(a)rt de Bosschaert Persyn Persijn Aerts de Kok Goossens De Greef

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Broechem [AN, BE]



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AERTS, Petrus Ludovicus  1869Broechem [AN, BE] I21527
2 BAUWENS, Adrianus Josephus  1841Broechem [AN, BE] I16559
3 BOGAERTS, Maria Anna  1850Broechem [AN, BE] I27180
4 BOSSAERTS, Albertus Stephanus Gaston   I399
5 BOSSAERTS, Anna Carolina  1813Broechem [AN, BE] I6689
6 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1799Broechem [AN, BE] I6682
7 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1848Broechem [AN, BE] I6692
8 BOSSAERTS, Anna Maria  1852Broechem [AN, BE] I6694
9 BOSSAERTS, Carolus  1815Broechem [AN, BE] I6690
10 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1856Broechem [AN, BE] I6696
11 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus Gommarus  1895Broechem [AN, BE] I15999
12 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus Ludovicus  1879Broechem [AN, BE] I16556
13 BOSSAERTS, Gerardus Emilius Franciscus  1904Broechem [AN, BE] I16002
14 BOSSAERTS, Joanna Maria  1878Broechem [AN, BE] I16555
15 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Baptist Albertus  1898Broechem [AN, BE] I16000
16 BOSSAERTS, Josephus Julius  1890Broechem [AN, BE] I15997
17 BOSSAERTS, Maria Angelina  1887Broechem [AN, BE] I15995
18 BOSSAERTS, Maria Mathildis  1900Broechem [AN, BE] I16001
19 BOSSAERTS, Melchior  1809Broechem [AN, BE] I6688
20 BOSSAERTS, N.N.  1710Broechem [AN, BE] I13663
21 BOSSAERTS, N.N.  1855Broechem [AN, BE] I6695
22 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Ferdinandus Maria  1893Broechem [AN, BE] I15998
23 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Gommarus  1851Broechem [AN, BE] I14736
24 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Joannes  1850Broechem [AN, BE] I6693
25 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1849Broechem [AN, BE] I5927
26 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1889Broechem [AN, BE] I15996
27 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria  1850Broechem [AN, BE] I14823
28 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria Philippina  1852Broechem [AN, BE] I14744
29 BOSSCHAERTS, Carolus Joannes   I15202
30 BOSSCHAERTS, Franciscus Josephus  1856Broechem [AN, BE] I14824
31 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Antonia  1925Broechem [AN, BE] I15683
32 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Maria  1841Broechem [AN, BE] I5986
33 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Maria  1867Broechem [AN, BE] I14745
34 BOSSCHAERTS, Julius Franciscus  1937Broechem [AN, BE] I15201
35 BOSSCHAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1845Broechem [AN, BE] I5987
36 BOSSCHAERTS, Stephania Maria Carolina   I15203
37 CORLUY, Jozef Emiel  1883Broechem [AN, BE] I5737
38 DAELEMANS, Franciscus  Abt 1779Broechem [AN, BE] I6812
39 DE PEUTER, Maria Carolina  1848Broechem [AN, BE] I5928
40 DE WOLF, Luc François Louis   I16896
41 ENGELEN, Ria Maria Ludovica   I16673
42 GEYSELS, Franciscus Leonardus  1922Broechem [AN, BE] I15630
43 KEERSMAKERS, Ludovicus  Est Abt 1834Broechem [AN, BE] I11404
44 LEEMANS, Joannes Ludovicus  1869Broechem [AN, BE] I5980
45 LEMMENS, Walterus Josephus  1820Broechem [AN, BE] I14741
46 LEYSEN, Joanna-Irma  1887Broechem [AN, BE] I10989
47 OP DE BEECK, Celina   I12493
48 PERSYN, Agnes  1923Broechem [AN, BE] I15093
49 SCHOORS, Adrianus Franciscus  1808Broechem [AN, BE] I6808
50 SCHOORS, Maria Francisca  1798Broechem [AN, BE] I6793

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BOGAERTS, Elisabeth  1732Broechem [AN, BE] I8561
2 BOSSAERS, Adrianus  1752Broechem [AN, BE] I6677
3 BOSSAERS, Catharina  1752Broechem [AN, BE] I13688
4 BOSSAERS, Catharina  1755Broechem [AN, BE] I6678
5 BOSSAERS, Cornelius  1721Broechem [AN, BE] I13668
6 BOSSAERS, Elisabeth  1718Broechem [AN, BE] I5936
7 BOSSAERS, Joanna  1750Broechem [AN, BE] I6675
8 BOSSAERS, Joanna  1758Broechem [AN, BE] I13690
9 BOSSAERS, Joannes  1721Broechem [AN, BE] I6669
10 BOSSAERS, Petrus Josephus  1755Broechem [AN, BE] I13689
11 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1731Broechem [AN, BE] I6350
12 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1751Broechem [AN, BE] I6676
13 BOSSAERTS, Anna  1722Broechem [AN, BE] I6670
14 BOSSAERTS, Anna Maria  1708Broechem [AN, BE] I13662
15 BOSSAERTS, Catharina  1682Broechem [AN, BE] I13655
16 BOSSAERTS, Catharina  1712Broechem [AN, BE] I13664
17 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1759Broechem [AN, BE] I6680
18 BOSSAERTS, Gommarus  1719Broechem [AN, BE] I6668
19 BOSSAERTS, Joanna  1719Broechem [AN, BE] I13667
20 BOSSAERTS, Joanna  1726Broechem [AN, BE] I6671
21 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1728Broechem [AN, BE] I6672
22 BOSSAERTS, Joannes Baptist  1754Broechem [AN, BE] I6756
23 BOSSAERTS, Maria  1721Broechem [AN, BE] I6799
24 BOSSAERTS, Petrus  1676Broechem [AN, BE] I13653
25 BOSSAERTS, Petrus  1714Broechem [AN, BE] I6665
26 BOSSAERTS, Petrus  1757Broechem [AN, BE] I6679
27 BOSSAERTS, Simon  1747Broechem [AN, BE] I6674
28 BOSSCHAERTS, Catharina  1674Broechem [AN, BE] I13652
29 BOSSCHAERTS, Catharina  1715Broechem [AN, BE] I6666
30 BOSSCHAERTS, Henricus  1716Broechem [AN, BE] I13665
31 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna  1678Broechem [AN, BE] I13654
32 BOSSCHAERTS, Joannes  1692Broechem [AN, BE] I13659
33 BOSSCHAERTS, Maria Anna  1697Broechem [AN, BE] I13660
34 BOSSCHAERTS, Martinus  1689Broechem [AN, BE] I13658
35 BOSSCHAERTS, Petronella  1683Broechem [AN, BE] I13656
36 BOSSCHAERTS, Petrus  1716Broechem [AN, BE] I6667
37 BOSSCHARTS, Maria Anna  1686Broechem [AN, BE] I13657
38 MERTENS, Elisabeth  1684Broechem [AN, BE] I4548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAUWENS, Adrianus Josephus  1893Broechem [AN, BE] I16559
2 BAUWENS, Joannes Baptist  1846Broechem [AN, BE] I16560
3 BLOQUAUX, Laura  1949Broechem [AN, BE] I4638
4 BOSSAERS, Adrianus  1756Broechem [AN, BE] I6677
5 BOSSAERS, Catharina  1752Broechem [AN, BE] I13688
6 BOSSAERTS, Adrianus  1751Broechem [AN, BE] I6676
7 BOSSAERTS, Andreas  1822Broechem [AN, BE] I6683
8 BOSSAERTS, Anna  1884Broechem [AN, BE] I6686
9 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1833Broechem [AN, BE] I6682
10 BOSSAERTS, Anna Catharina  1852Broechem [AN, BE] I6692
11 BOSSAERTS, Anna Maria  1869Broechem [AN, BE] I6694
12 BOSSAERTS, Carolus  1855Broechem [AN, BE] I6690
13 BOSSAERTS, Catharina  1682Broechem [AN, BE] I13655
14 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1819Broechem [AN, BE] I6680
15 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus  1928Broechem [AN, BE] I6696
16 BOSSAERTS, Franciscus Gommarus  1986Broechem [AN, BE] I15999
17 BOSSAERTS, Gerardus Emilius Franciscus  1964Broechem [AN, BE] I16002
18 BOSSAERTS, Gommarus  1721Broechem [AN, BE] I6668
19 BOSSAERTS, Gommarus  1876Broechem [AN, BE] I6685
20 BOSSAERTS, Joannes  1877Broechem [AN, BE] I6687
21 BOSSAERTS, Maria Angelina  1969Broechem [AN, BE] I15995
22 BOSSAERTS, Maria Hortensia  1963Broechem [AN, BE] I5738
23 BOSSAERTS, Maria Mathildis  1988Broechem [AN, BE] I16001
24 BOSSAERTS, N.N.  1710Broechem [AN, BE] I13663
25 BOSSAERTS, N.N.  1855Broechem [AN, BE] I6695
26 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Alphonsus  1908Broechem [AN, BE] I5933
27 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Gommarus  1918Broechem [AN, BE] I14736
28 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1890Broechem [AN, BE] I15996
29 BOSSAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1926Broechem [AN, BE] I5927
30 BOSSAERTS, Simon  1771Broechem [AN, BE] I6674
31 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria  1851Broechem [AN, BE] I14823
32 BOSSCHAERTS, Anna Maria Philippina  1869Broechem [AN, BE] I14744
33 BOSSCHAERTS, Catharina  1674Broechem [AN, BE] I13652
34 BOSSCHAERTS, Cornelia  1850Broechem [AN, BE] I5995
35 BOSSCHAERTS, Franciscus  1869Broechem [AN, BE] I5983
36 BOSSCHAERTS, Franciscus Josephus  1859Broechem [AN, BE] I14824
37 BOSSCHAERTS, Joanna Maria  1900Broechem [AN, BE] I5986
38 BOSSCHAERTS, Joannes Ludovicus  1919Broechem [AN, BE] I5985
39 BOSSCHAERTS, Maria Anna  1740Broechem [AN, BE] I13660
40 BOSSCHAERTS, Maria Carolina  1878Broechem [AN, BE] I5979
41 BOSSCHAERTS, Maria Catharina  1831Broechem [AN, BE] I6737
42 BOSSCHAERTS, Martinus  Abt 1771Broechem [AN, BE] I13658
43 BOSSCHAERTS, Petronella  1743Broechem [AN, BE] I13656
44 BOSSCHAERTS, Petrus Josephus  1849Broechem [AN, BE] I5987
45 CAUTERS, Anna Maria  1805Broechem [AN, BE] I14991
46 CEUPPENS, Maria Rosalia  1870Broechem [AN, BE] I16004
47 CLAESSENS, Maria  2012Broechem [AN, BE] I37984
48 CORLUY, Jozef Emiel  1963Broechem [AN, BE] I5737
49 DE BRUYN, Edwardus Josephus  1974Broechem [AN, BE] I33631
50 DE HERDT, Joanna Maria  1881Broechem [AN, BE] I6691

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOSSAERTS, Elisabeth Ludovica  Broechem [AN, BE] I5931
2 BOSSAERTS, Maria Virginia Irma  1968Broechem [AN, BE] I10342
3 GEYSELS, Franciscus Leonardus  1990Broechem [AN, BE] I15630
4 VERHOEVEN, Albertus Josephus  1990Broechem [AN, BE] I15654


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAUWENS / BOSSCHAERTS  1871Broechem [AN, BE] F5656
2 BOSSAERS / STRYCK  1749Broechem [AN, BE] F4553
3 BOSSAERTS / DE PEUTER  1881Broechem [AN, BE] F1936
4 BOSSAERTS / ENGELS  1718Broechem [AN, BE] F4543
5 BOSSAERTS / NOTELTERS  1721Broechem [AN, BE] F2174
6 BOSSAERTS / SLAETS  1877Broechem [AN, BE] F5654
7 BOSSAERTS / VAN CAMP  1886Broechem [AN, BE] F5425
8 BOSSAERTS / VAN DEN BOGAERT  1706Broechem [AN, BE] F4542
9 BOSSAERTS / VAN DYCK  1833Broechem [AN, BE] F2236
10 BOSSAERTS / VAN HOVE  1735Broechem [AN, BE] F4988
11 BOSSAERTS / VERHULST  Broechem [AN, BE] F6009
12 BOSSAERTS / VERMEULEN  1846Broechem [AN, BE] F4895
13 BOSSCHAERTS / BOGAERTS  1762Broechem [AN, BE] F2744
14 BOSSCHAERTS / DE RIDDER  1642Broechem [AN, BE] F6110
15 BOSSCHAERTS / LIEKENS  1723Broechem [AN, BE] F5481
16 BOSSCHAERTS / NEEUWS  1672Broechem [AN, BE] F4541
17 BOSSCHAERTS / REUSENS  1757Broechem [AN, BE] F2156
18 BOSSCHAERTS / SCHOORS  1834Broechem [AN, BE] F2171
19 BOSSCHAERTS / VAN DIJCK  1932Broechem [AN, BE] F4886
20 DE VOS / VLOERBERGHS  Broechem [AN, BE] F2293
21 DIOENS / BOSSCHAERTS  1843Broechem [AN, BE] F1939
22 FRANSEN / BOSSAERTS  1784Broechem [AN, BE] F5485
23 LEEMANS / BOSSCHAERTS  1867Broechem [AN, BE] F1947
24 LEMMENS / BOSSCHAERTS  1845Broechem [AN, BE] F4898
25 MEES / STABEL   F3747
26 SELIAERTS / BOSSAERTS  1845Broechem [AN, BE] F4893
27 SMEYERS / BOSSCHAERTS  1781Broechem [AN, BE] F2157
28 VAN LIPPELOO / BOSSCHAERTS  1712Broechem [AN, BE] F5480
29 VAN LIPPELOO / BOSSCHAERTS  1723Broechem [AN, BE] F5482
30 VAN LOEY / BOSSAERS  1781Broechem [AN, BE] F2172
31 VAN OCKEN / SEBRECHTS  1891Broechem [AN, BE] F7838
33 VERMEULEN / BOSSCHAERTS  1698Broechem [AN, BE] F5653
34 VERPOTEN / BOSSAERTS  1833Broechem [AN, BE] F4892