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Bosschaerts - Persyn Genealogical research - Family Reunion

Family Reunions

Family Reunion "Zoons & Dochters" 1994

At the occasion of the publication of the genealogical research ‘Zoons & Dochters’ (Sons & Daughters), subtitled ‘Genealogy Bosschaert(s), Bosschaart, Bosschart(s)', Tom Bosschaert has organized an unique family reunion on 4 September 1994 in castle Groeninghe in Aartselaar. More than 160 interested family members from Belgium, the Netherlands, England and even Mexico were invited!
A unique chance for catching up with a snack or a drink, meeting far relatives, checking your lineage. Via genealogical links some 'unknown' people became far relatives. An unforgettable day.

Also the press was present: an article appeared in the newspapers 'Gazet van Antwerpen' (GVA) and 'Het Volk'.

Once again:
Thanks Tom, because without your help this happening wasn't possible !

Families Bosschaert/ Bosschart from the Netherlands and Antwerp (Relatives of Tom Bosschaert)

From left to right: Flor Bosschart, Catharina de Booij, David Bosschaert, Marijke Bosschart, Frederika Bosschart, Tom Bosschaert, Irena Mathilda and Ruben Bosschaert, Quincy Bosschaert.

Families Bosschaart from the Netherlands (Relatives of Rogier Bosschaart)
From left to right: H. Blind, Jan J.N. Bosschaart, Cornelia Mittertreiner, Barthel P.A. Bosschaart, Rebecca P.J. Bosschaart, Louise C.E. Bosschaart, Rogier J.R. Bosschaart.

Families Bosschaart from Utrecht and neighbourhood
From left to right: Corn. Jac. Hulshof, Hendrika Bosschaart, Aalbert Bosschaart, Henri Arthur Bosschaart, Maria van Winzum, Joyce Oly, Henderikus Bosschaart (married with van Winzum), Henderikus Bosschaart (married with Oly), Henriëtte Bosschaart.

Families Bosschaerts from Lier and neighbourhood (Relatives of Rudi Bosschaerts)

Families Bosschaerts from Oelegem and neighbourhood

Families Bosschaerts from Wommelgem and neighbourhood

Families Bosschaerts from Brasschaat and neighbourhood

Families Bosschaerts from Oelegem and neighbourhood
From left to right: Jos Bosschaerts and Francisca Van Den Beemd, Angèle Bosschaerts and Cyrille Van Camp.

Families Bosschaerts from Antwerp and neighbourhood
From left to right: Willy Bosschaerts, Koen Bosschaerts, Jaak Bosschaerts and Maria Engels.

Family Bosschaerts from Schoten
Ludo Bosschaerts and Diane Manaerts

Families Bosschaert from Beveren, Doel and neighbourhood

Families Bosschaert from Mechelen and neighbourhood
From left to right: Hugo Bosschaert and Florentina Peeters, Juliënne De Smet and Leo Bosschaert.

Photography: Cor Blancke & Nadia Roosen © 1994
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© Rudi Bosschaerts, 2003
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